About Me

I'm a writer and stand up comedian in Sydney, Australia. I have two festival shows under my belt so far -  Game Changer and International Homewrecker - and two international tours with Comedy Estonia.

Soon after graduating from an acting degree at the University of Western Sydney, I was applying those skills to stand up comedy. Rehearsals for stand up are far easier to organise than with theatre, and people let you say what you want. I fared strongly in competitions early on as a new open mic'er, becoming a NSW Raw Comedy Finalist and Quest for the Best Wildcard Finalist.

In addition to shows in Estonia, Sweden, and Finland, and festivals in Melbourne, Sydney and London, I did five minutes at a New York comedy night one time. It was amazing, and has since allowed me to write "has performed in New York..." on all my comedy bios. (After the gig it was back to carousing and running around New York pretty much non-stop for the next fortnight.)

Sometimes I also act, and direct plays & short films. My general excitability keeps me busy on all kinds of projects at once, so there's always something new and wonderful happening.


Other Things

I'm a US politics junkie and am in the middle of a Master of US Studies at the US Studies CentreUniversity of Sydney. In 2012 I campaigned for Obama in Virginia in the final month of the election, then I wrote a show about it. The whole experience was blogged, which formed the basis for the show. The whole thing has been reproduced here on this website.

In 2013 I ran a three-day festival of board games out of my own home and it was the best thing ever. I'm now planning on making it an annual thing.

I have pretty much the same relationship with sport as I do with music: I get a lot of enjoyment out of it even if I don't understand it very much. I like the New York Giants, Queens Park Rangers, and the Western Sydney Wanderers. Roller derby is also particularly awesome. Chances are, if you invite me to the roller derby then I will go to the roller derby with you.

I grew up in the Blue Mountains and I live in Sydney. Sydney's great, it's like Melbourne only it has better beaches and it's harder to do. So once you've figured out how to do it, it's like you've earned something.